9-3-1977 Englishtown,NJ- Raceway Park (#429)

Set List: Promised Land, They Love Each Other, Me & My Uncle, Mississippi Half Step, Looks Like Rain, Peggy-O, Minglewood Blues, Friend of the Devil, The Music Never Stopped, Bertha, Good Lovin’, Loser, Estimated Prophet, Eyes of the World, Samson & Delilah, He’s Gone> NfA, Truckin’, Terrapin Station

         Well I assume the band took the summer off. I know I would after such a successful spring tour. After a nervous sounding man introduces the band, they jump right in on a song a saw coming from a mile a way, “Promised Land”. I always had a good feeling when this song kicked off a show, and here is no exception. The overall feel of this show is great, and after listening to it once, I thought, “Well Ted, this sounds like a pretty decent show, why?” Well it isn’t easily pinpointed, but I will say it is probably do to the refreshed energy the band is bringing to the stage. They actually don’t sound rough at all, they basically picked up where they left off, and sound ready to have a good time. Burnout sucks, a summer off, well here is the result.

         After a few songs in the first set the band hits “MHS” again and it’s obvious they are  feeling this song. They push it over thirteen minutes and it is excellent. I’m a sucker for “Peggy-O”, and  though it comes up short of the ten minute mark, it’s still a pleasure to hear. They really work “Friend of the Devil’ keeping it nice and slow, trudging through the thickness. After “Good Lovin'”, “Loser” comes in a bit quite, as if Jerry just woke up to a crowd of people and decided to sing. “Eyes of the World” is decent, but “NFA” takes off and leads to a surprising “Truckin'”. Where has this song been? The show ends with an oddly placed “Terrapin Station”. But these oddities, I think, may be what makes this show interesting.

Highlight: Mississippi Half Step

Recommendation: I’d listen to it again.


~ by Grateful Ted on 06/04/2011.

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